Local Trail Information

Moody Hill

Moody Hill is located approximately 45 minutes west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Although the majority of the trail is easily traversed, there is a steep section of rolling pits and rocks that has a tendency to be fairly loose. I have never had trouble climbing this short section of trail, but I have witnessed a number of vehicles getting a little scared and stopping, getting themselves stuck. This trail is like any other, where tire placement and a feel for the truck is important. The most important thing to remember on the loose section of the trail is to just give it gas and go. The trail has always had other vehicles on it when I have made trips there and I have never felt the need to make sure I had another vehicle with me as there was always potential help nearby.

The trail starts about 8 miles from the entrance to Buckhorn Canyon and quickly climbs to the most difficult part of the trail. From there it levels out and meanders through meadows and up to the top of a few hills, offering nice views of the surrounding area. To reach the trail from Fort Collins, travel East on Horsetooth Road and make your way past Horsetooth Reservoir and continue down the Stove Prairie road. After about 20 some odd miles there is a turnoff to Buckhorn Canyon, or road 44H. Moody Hill is about 8 miles from the entrance.