Dead Water Pump

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8-19-2004 -- The water pump started spewing tonight. I have had a very slow leak for a month or so that I have never been able to trace and it looks like the source has been found. I guess it was seeping little enough that I just couldn't see it coming out at when I was trying to find it. Hopefully I can find one in town. The best part about this is it didn't do this last weekend up at Crystal Mountain. That would have been a nightmare.

8-20-04 -- After calling a bunch of parts places I found a pump at Checker Auto Parts for about $50. It took me a few hours to replace it by the time I got through cleaning all the junk that had been building up on the front of the engine. There was a pretty thick layer of a mixture of oil, dirt and antifreeze that had been baking in the engine compartment and getting nice and thick. There was hardly any old gasket material left to scrape off and the new pump seems to be holding a seal just fine. One problem I did run into and need to get fixed is the fan. I just noticed a new radial fracture on one of the fan blades that looks like it will let loose at any moment. The crack isn't related to the water pump, but it is a fairly recent development that I didn't notice a few weeks ago. Luckily it will be quick to replace it.