Getting Her Running - Alternator - Radiator - Shattered Hub - Dead Battery - Broken Shock Mount - Brakes - Water Pump - Rear Heater - Ignition Debacle - Clutch Toasted - Shattered Fan

Shortly after the Summer 2002 trip to Ouray, Colorado and surrounding areas I started noticing antifreeze on the ground in the front of my car. At first it was only a few drips, but it soon started to get worse. About a month after I first started noticing the leaks, The top of the radiator burst a pretty good leak. My Land Cruiser was still very drivable, but I had to get it fixed soon. The next day I took it to Rocky Mountain Radiator, Inc. of Fort Collins, Colorado. In one day they had it pulled out, boiled, rebuilt and repainted, back in the FJ40 and for a very decent price. I was very satisfied with their work and will be going to them in the future for any radiator repair I should ever need.