Rear Heater

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Winter 2005 -- I decided that being semi-cold in the winter while driving really sucked and decided to put in a rear heater unit. I was hoping to add a little extra heat to the upper area of the cab but wasn't completely sure how much it would help. After putting it in the difference was like night and day. I am now able to get my hands warmed up while driving and don't have to hold them down by my feet in front of the heater to do it. It raises the overall temperature inside quicker than it used to and will get it to a higher level than it would before. I ended up getting the heater unit used from Coyote Cruisers in Fort Collins.

The swap didn't take very long and everything fits in quite nicely. The connection between the heater valve and the heater core is replaced with an identical looking set with tees to connect to the back and add in a switched power source and it's done. All I need to do now is mount it a little more securely and maybe add a shield to keep gear from hitting it when I load stuff in the back. I am very happy with how this simple modification worked out.

Update 2010 -- The blower motor has finally decided to give up the ghost and will no longer turn freely. It will will still spin with some difficulty if turned by hand, however the bearings are no longer doing their job. I decided to remove the wiring to prevent any mishaps in case something hits the switch and powers it on. It can get fairly hot sitting there drawing power. Preventing a possible fire seems well worth the hassle of rewiring a replacement motor in the future. Winters are a now a little less friendly without the extra heat.