Getting Her Running - Alternator - Radiator - Shattered Hub - Dead Battery - Broken Shock Mount - Brakes - Water Pump - Rear Heater - Ignition Debacle - Clutch Toasted - Shattered Fan

When the fan belt starts to squeal and just gets worse there is a problem. This happened to me one day in the summer and by the time I got home from from the store I was at when it started to get worse, the squealing was terrible. After doing a few things around the house, I got back in my Land Cruiser to drive to the store and pick up a new alternator. To make a not so long story even shorter, the alternator was completely frozen. About an hour later I found myself and Advance Auto Parts and had an alternator on order. The next day I went to go pick it up and since I was in a hurry, I didn't check to make sure the new one matched as closely as I should have. With my previous experience with these guys I should have know better, but I dropped off my core and went on my way. After fiddling with the new alternator for about a half an hour and realizing there was no way to get it to fit, I drove back across town and made it to the store only 30 minutes before the truck left. I had them find my old core and sure enough, the ears were offset on the new one and straight across on the old one. Remembering the time I picked up a cap for my distributor from them only to realize it was for a V8, I quickly headed to NAPA. They got me a new alternator that actually fit in one day and were cheaper than Advance. That is the end of the alternator conundrum.