New Brake Shoes

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This summer my brakes shoes were strarting to get pretty worn down from use and definately needed replacing. I also had a few wheel cylinders that were torn up and needed replacing. In the past I had heard good things about the stopping power of the Man-A-Fre Friction Plus shoes and I decided to give them a try. Knowing how the stock shoes are so hard it seems like the drums are going to wear out first, this seemed to be the no-brainer solution for me. The installation went smoothly and after going through a large bottle of brake fluid to make certain the lines were completely bled, I adjusted them and was ready to go. I was driving over to a friends house that day and got into one of those situations that really tests the braking power of the vehicle. They worked.

These pads will probably wear out faster than the old ones I was using, and the tradeoff was well worth it. Brake modulation is better and there is more stopping power than before. The old pads allowed me to lock all four wheels up with a good hard kick to the pedal, and I can now be in the middle of a stop and stomp it a little more to get the same effect. Overall I am very happy with these shoes and will be using them as replacements in the future.