Repairs & Restoration

Getting Her Running - Alternator - Radiator - Shattered Hub - Dead Battery - Broken Shock Mount - Brakes - Water Pump - Rear Heater - Ignition Debacle - Clutch Toasted - Shattered Fan

Keeping a 30 something year old vehicle on the road is a neverending task that always seems to catch up to you at the worst possible times. It gets even worse when it is your daily driver. That is the situation I have been stuck in for the last several years since the engine in my Porsche 914 decided to let loose and die on me and most work to the Land Cruiser has been basic maintenance. When I no longer have to drive it daily I plan on doing major work all at once, but until then, if it takes more than an evening or a weekend then I can't really pull it off.

These pages contain all those little troublesome things that have cropped up over the years and the list never seems to stop growing.