PTO Winch

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 was offered with an available PTO (power take-off) winch. The PTO winch takes power off the engine through a PTO unit attached to the transmission. From the PTO unit power is transmitted forward with a drive shaft, through a pillow block and connects to the rear input of the winch. This connection is made with a shear pin, designed to fail when the system reaches a load beyond that which it was designed to handle in order to prevent damage to the drive line. Inside the winch case lies a worm gear, which further reduces the gearing and rotates the inner shaft of the spool. The drum freely spins on the inner shaft unless a notched clutch mechanism is engaged and the drum is locked into the drive train. This clutch is controlled with a lever on the US passenger side of the winch. Plain gear oil, the same used in manual transmissions and differentials, is the lubricant used in the worm gear case.

The winch is engaged inside the cab by shifting the transfer case into neutral and shifting the PTO unit into the proper direction of travel. The shift lever for the PTO has three settings: neutral, forward and reverse. If the lever is in the center, the PTO is in neutral. When shifted forward, the winch will wind and pull the vehicle forward and when shifted backward, the winch will unwind and create slack in the winch cable.

The drum on my winch currently holds 4 wraps of 3/8" wire rope with 1 inch of lip still left over. This is a total of 75' when unwrapped. The winch cable is held by a clamp on the outside of the drum right next to a hole for the cable to go through. Although this clamp keeps the cable from falling off the winch, that is all that it does. The pulling power of the winch is transmitted from the drum to the cable by wrapping the cable around the drum several times and relying on friction to hold it in place. The cable was damaged when I purchased the Land Cruiser and it was replaced with anodized wire rope. On the end of the cable, I secured a new 2 foot long chain and hook similar to the stock setup. The loop at the end of the winch cable is held together with three cable clamps secured in the proper fashion. Any work done to a winch cable can cause serious injury or death if not properly carried out, so please be careful.

Many OEM parts are still available through local Toyota dealers as well as many Land Cruiser specific businesses such as Specter Off Road. The sheer pins can still be ordered new through the Toyota dealer's service department and many parts can be located around the United States. I found a new engagement lever for my winch through my local Toyota dealer, along with sheer pins and a brake pad. Another power take off winch available as an aftermarket accessory for the Land Cruiser FJ40 was the Ramsey. These are usually found either in a junkyard (although many are already gone) or on an old Land Cruiser that already has one. To my knowledge, no manufacturer currently sells a power take off winch to fit the FJ40 and hasn't for at least 20 years.