fj40 Land Cruiser Experience

Welcome to the FJ40 Land Cruiser Experience. I have developed this site for the purpose of keeping alive the Land Cruiser FJ40. Inside you will find information specific to my Land Cruiser as well as some links to pictures of my Cruiser and trails I find interesting. There is also a section describing the various trails around Fort Collins, Colorado where I currently reside. Other trails may be described based on my own experiences or others, which will be duly noted. This site is constantly changing and as I come across new information I will post to the relative areas of the site. Although I respect the off road ability and overall quality of many other Toyota Land Cruisers, my current passion is the 40 series and my time is spent on information regarding the FJ40. Most information contained within this site is identical in nature to that of the BJ40, with the exception of the engine. The BJ40 Land Cruiser had a diesel engine, whereas the FJ40 Land Cruiser came with a gasoline engine. Since I know a lot less about the diesel version of the Land Cruiser 40 series I will continue to concentrate on the FJ40 as the main focus of this site. Any submissions of pictures and trail descriptions will be reviewed and added to the site.